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Why Dont You Have Sales Like the Other Stores?
What we would have to do is figure out what you want to put on sale - Print sale flyers - Make sure the computer reflects the sale price - remove all last month sale flyers - Change the price in the computer. Just seemed like way to much work - so we use a “Everyday Low Price” that is usually less then my competitions Sale Price. Just seems really silly to do that much work!



Why dont you have Wine Wednesday?
If you can sell it for that price Wednesday why can’t you sell it the rest of the week for that price - I have never figured that one out. We have been told our “Everyday Low Price” usually is less than our competitions wine day!




Why are your prices lower than other liquor stores?
We run a efficient business, we buy our product right and probably the biggest factor is we make less money than our competition does. All liquor stores in the state of Kansas purchase products at exactly the same price, by Kansas law the distributors can not offer discounts that are not available to all stores.




Do you give discounts for Students - Military - Seniors?
We don’t discriminate against anyone or make one segment of our customers pay higher prices for a discount we give to another segment of our customers so we have no discounts that are not available to all or our customers. We have a 5% case discounts on Wine and Spirits only and any in-store discounts are available to all our customers.




Do you have good-guy discounts or frequent buyer discounts?
Most of our customers are already good-guys and after seeing our “Everyday Low Prices” most of out customers become frequent buyers so we don’t provide hooks to get repeat business.




I had XYZ wine while in Texas why cant I get it in Kansas?
Liquor Stores have to purchase all products though distributors that are approved and license to do business in Kansas. Liquor stores are not allowed to purchase direct from winery distilleries outside Kansas. If you would like to know if a product is approved for sale in Kansas check here http://www.kdor.org/abc/brands/Default.asp




Do you sell kegs?
Not at this time because our cooler is just to small to handle large keg traffic. We do have plans to put a large cooler in our warehouse just to handle kegs so keep checking our web site for more information.




Do you have the Largestor the Best Selectionor wine?
As far as the largest -- I have not gone to the other stores and counted but obviously the stores that claim to have larger selection have counted mine so I just have to take their word for it. The “Best Selection” I think the customer is the best judge - I’m sure to some Classic Wines has the best and I’m sure that others feel that the store they shop at has the best. So, is the glass half full, half empty, or is the glass just to big?





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